The Hess Truck’s Back!

Each year fire departments from the Town of Islip come together at the Bohemia Christmas Parade. Traditionally, participating departments construct a float or decorate a piece of apparatus.

This year, the Great River Fire Department recreated the 1989 Hess fire truck. The members worked daily for three weeks to recreate every detail of the Hess truck on Engine 3-9-6 our 1988 Spartan/FMC pumper. That’s right, the fire engine was transformed into a ladder truck!

Through the donations of member’s time and materials the Great River Fire Department was able to create an awe inspiring pice of holiday cheer!

Since the fire engine was white to begin with, the members focused on the most labor intensive part of the project: the iconic red ladder.

The ladder is 24 feet long and is constructed almost entirely out of wood 2×3 and 2×4 planks. It comes complete with PVC pistons and is able to be raised almost four feet above the cab.

Additional details include red accents on the wheels, custom cut and color matched aluminum panels to hold the Hess logos as well as green accent lighting.

Although the fire-engine-turned-Hess-truck was not awarded a trophy in the parade, it was one of the most liked floats by the parade-goers. Many people stated that they thought the ladder was a real piece of the truck! This is a testament to the fine craftsmanship done by the members of the Great River Fire Department.

The Hess truck will be used throughout December to transport Santa around Great River to deliver presents and spread Christmas cheer. If you would like to have Santa deliver presents to your Christmas party please email for more information.

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  1. What a beautiful idea, you guys really out did yourselves. That was by far the coolest truck in the show!!!!


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